Avenue B Is The Place To Be

It was a humid summer weekend in 1981, much like the weather this week. The prospect of free music was enough to draw me across town to Tompkins Square Park, where five bands played at the battered old bandshell. Essential Logic, Pierce Turner, Science, Liquid Liquid and Certain General. Performers and audience alike probably weren’t used to making or hearing their music in the harsh light of day but what better way to spend an afternoon? Grab a paper-bagged 16 oz can of Bud or Ballantine Ale from a nearby deli and soak up the urban sunlight. I remember hanging around most of the afternoon, absorbing the sounds and oh yes the sights. Out come the freaks, indeed. Pretty sure that’s yours truly at 0:47, sporting a green t-shirt and my first short haircut of the new decade, standing behind the dancers and leaning on a post.


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